Brand New "XAAR 500/80pl" Printhead For Wit-color Ultra2000 H4/H6



The Xaar 500 offers a versatile binary inkjet solution for a number of applications and is particularly suited to coding secondary packaging and printing outdoor signs.

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Original XAAR 500/80pl Printhead
To be used with: MYJET LA3208XR,MYJET LA3204XR, MYJET LB3204XR, MYJET LB3208XR, MYJET WD3212XR, MYJET WD3216XR, LIYU PE3204-XR382, LIYU PE3208-XR382, SMART PROTON 8H, Wit-color Ultra2000 H4/H6, WIT-COLOR ULTRA2000 H8, WIT-COLOR ULTRA2000 H12, WIT-COLOR ULTRA2000 H16, SMART 600 8H, SMART3000 4H, SMART3000 6H, SMART3000 12H, SMART2000 S12, SMART2000 S16, SID UV 165P, Flora 3204 E, Flora HJ3200 Solvent
Remarks: Original

The Xaar 500 printhead is available in two drop volume variants (40 pL and 80 pL). It can be used in standard or skyscraper (vertical) printing modes depending on the application.

High performance
• Up to 7.2 kHz firing frequencies
• UV, solvent-based and oil-based ink capable
• 180 dpi (native) printhead resolution.

Highly versatile
• The 40 pL model meets the demands of the high quality UV wide-format and solvent graphic markets
• The 80 pL model leads the way in the solvent grand-format coding and marking markets.

The Xaar 500 is a competitive, high quality and fast output printhead.  The wide print swathe, ink compatibility and reliability make the Xaar 500 the printhead of choice for many applications including:
• Coding & marking;
• Wide-format graphics;
• Grand-format graphics;
• Flatbed graphics;
• Indoor signage;
• Outdoor graphics;
• Point-of-sale material.


​Xaar 500 40

​Xaar 500 80

Active nozzle​s



Print swathe width

​​70.5 mm​​​

​70.5 mm​​​

​Nozzle pitch

​​141 μm

​141 μm

Drop velocity*

6 m/s

6 m/s

​Nozzle density

180 npi

180 npi

Printhead weight (dry)

290 g

290 g

Fluid type

​Approved range of inks

​Approved range of inks

Drop volume*

40 pL

80 pL

​Typical firing frequency*

​​8.0 kHz

​4.0 - 7.2 kHz

​Dimensions (WxDxH)

95x41x110 mm

95x41x110 mm

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