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Mimaki CJV150-75/CJV150-107/CJV150-130/CJV150-160 High-Specification Entry Model Inket Printer



Mimaki CJV150-75/CJV150-107/CJV150-130/CJV150-160 High-Specification Entry Model Inket Printer

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Mimaki CJV150-75/CJV150-107/CJV150-130/CJV150-160 High-Specification Entry Model Inket Printer

•    Silver ink creates high-value-added printing
・Newly developed SS21 silver ink delivers brilliant print results.
・The metallic color collection contains 648 colors.
•    Orange and light black inks ensure faithful color representation
・SS21 orange ink is suitable for representing the vibrancy of fresh foods as well as corporate color palettes.
・SS21 light black ink reproduces highly accurate grayscale printing with no unexpected color shifts and smooth grayscale gradation without tone-jump.
•    Mimaki’s superior print-image quality control technology
・Highly reliable inkjet technology optimizes waveform to achieve the precise placement of the ink droplets onto media.
・Three-way intelligent heater system optimizes the ink droplets size.
・MAPS3 reduces banding and uneven color printing.
•    Versatile print and cut functions
・The continuous register mark detection function enables the continuous cutting of a whole roll of media while simultaneously taking up unrolled media.
・The over-cut and corner-cut functions ensure clearly cut edges with no residues.
・The segment correction function facilitates precision cutting over longer-length prints.
・The cut-and-print function averts printing problems by cutting the media prior to printing.



Suitable for simple stickers and labels
・Max. Print / Cut Width:800 (31.5")mm
・Max. Media Width:810 (31.9")mm



Suitable for quick POPs and
large-size posters

・Max. Print / Cut Width:1,090 (42.9")mm
・Max. Media Width:1,100 (43.3")mm



Suitable for variously sized signage and
point-of-sale marketing materials

・Max. Print / Cut Width:1,361 (53.6")mm
・Max. Media Width:1,371 (54.0")mm



Suitable for cost effective production of
large, high-quality signage and
vehicle wrapping films

・Max. Print / Cut Width:1,610 (63.4")mm
・Max. Media Width:1,620 (63.8")mm



Silver ink creates high value-added print products

“Shiny silver ink” exceeds expectations
SS21 silver ink’s brightness is 1.67 times greater than that of conventional silver inks.(*) Exceptional brightness means high value-added printing and mirror effect results that exceed expectations.
* SS21 silver ink comparison with ES3 silver ink measured at Mimaki HQ.
Metallic colors created by SS21 silver ink add value to print products with simple operations
SS21’s metallic color collection contains 648 colors that are easily printed using the RIP software, RasterLink6. From the printed metallic color collection, an operator may then select a metallic color from the Illustrator swatches. Through simple operations, impressive and brilliant metallic color print products are created by SS21 silver ink.


Orange and light black inks ensure faithful color representation


Orange ink
By using the SS21 orange ink as a process color, 94.8% of the PANTONE color chart is covered with approximate colors. Thanks to a wider gamut with the orange ink, food freshness can be simulated, and corporate colors can be faithfully represented.
Light black ink
SS21 light black ink and superior gray-balance control produce accurate grayscale printing without unexpected color shifts. Smooth and non-grainy skin tones and grayscale gradation are delivered.


Mimaki’s superior print-image quality control technology
Highly-assured inkjet technology
Each ink color has its own specific gravity and viscosity. To achieve precise placement of the ink droplets onto the media, Mimaki designed an optimum waveform that allows the printhead to jet each ink color at the appropriate jetting angle without losing excellent ink droplet circularity. Moreover, various ink droplet sizes are precisely placed from the minimum size 4pl to the maximum size 35pl. Small droplets create beautiful high-resolution printing, and large droplets are very useful for high-speed printing. Thus, the CJV150 satisfies a wide range of needs including beautiful high-quality printing and productive high-speed printing.


Three-way intelligent heater system optimizes the ink droplets size.
When the temperature of the media is not optimized, the perfect shape and size of droplets are not appropriately adhered onto the media. A patented three-way intelligent heater is built into the CJV150, and each heater maintains the temperature appropriately to obtain high-quality printing. The details of each heater are given in Figures below.

■Patent number■  Japan: 4889059  USA: 8,444,262  China: ZL 200910222559.8



Mimaki Advanced Pass System 3 (MAPS3) delivers stable high-quality printing


Generally, swath boundaries are straight lines. Therefore, a slight misalignment between boundaries causes banding or uneven color printing. MAPS3 reduces banding and uneven color printing with blurred boundaries similar to gradation printing.
Quick-dry SS21 ink that achieves outstanding speed
SS21 ink was developed through the concentrated knowledge and technology of Mimaki. The SS21 ink dries quickly on the media due to a good balance between ink penetration and solvent volatilization. High productivity is achieved through high-density printing at high-speed modes without blocking and bleeding.


Versatile print and cut functions
Continuous register mark detection
The CJV150 automatically detects all register marks set by the RasterLink6 on the media, and cuts contour lines precisely by utilizing simultaneous automatic calibration.
Over-cut and corner-cut functions
The over-cut function ensures sharply cut edges with no residues by making a cross cut at the start and end positions of the contour cutting. The corner-cut function ensures sharply cut edges by making cross cuts at each corner.
Segment correct functions
This function detects intermediate register marks and enables four-point corrections for each segment to ensure accurate contour cutting over longer-length prints, even if the image is distorted.
Cut-and-print function
This function prevents common problems, such as film separation and faulty cut results, by cutting the media before printing.
Solutions for uninterrupted print operation
Nozzle check unit (NCU) automatically detects clogged nozzles and unclogs them
Clogged nozzles are detected automatically by monitoring ink droplets with sensors. When clogged nozzles are found, the nozzles are automatically cleaned. A monitoring interval is set for each print dataset at specified time intervals. The NCU reduces waste printing after the occurrence of clogged nozzles.
Nozzle recovery system (NRS) for maintaining productivity
Previously, when the issue was not resolved after nozzle cleaning, the printhead needed to be repaired by a technician, and printing operation had to be stopped until the maintenance work was completed. The NRS allows the printer to continue print operations without interruption by using non-defective nozzles as substitutes for defective nozzles until the technician arrives.









On-demand piezo head

Print resolution

360 dpi, 540 dpi, 720 dpi, 1,080 dpi, and 1,440 dpi

Maximum print width

800mm (31.5")

1,090mm (42.9")

1,361mm (53.6")

1,610mm (63.4")

Maximum media width

810mm (31.9")

1,100mm (43.3")

1,371mm (54.0")

1,620mm (63.8")



Eco-solvent ink
・SS21(C,M,Y,K,Lc,Lm,Lk,Or,W and Si)
・BS3(C,M,Y, and K) only available in emerging countries
・ES3(C,M,Y,K,Lc, and Lm)
Sublimation ink *1
・Sb53(Bl,M,Y,K/Dk,Lbl, and Lm)
・Sb54(Bl,M,Y,K,Lbl, and Lm)

Package size

SS21:440ml Ink cartridge / 2L Ink pack
(* W and Si are provided in 220ml ink cartridges only)
BS3:600ml Ink pack / 2L Ink pack
ES3:440ml Ink cartridge
Sb53, Sb54:440ml Ink cartridge / 2L Ink pack


MCT (Mimaki Circulation Technology) Only applies to white and silver inks

Media thickness

1.0 mm or less

Rolled media weight

40 kg (88 lb) or less


VCCI class A, FCC class A, ETL UL 60950-1
CE Marking (EMC, Low voltage, Machinery directive, and RoHS),
CB, REACH, Energy Star, RCM
(CCC is in the process of being acquired.)


USB 2.0, LAN for E-mail notification function

Power supply

Single-phase (AC 100–120V / AC 220–240V)

Power consumption

100V:1.44 kVA × 1 or less / 200V: 1.92 kVA × 1 or less

Operational environment

Temperature: 20–30 °C (68–86 °F)
Humidity: 35–65% Rh (Non condensing)

Dimensions (W×D×H)






126kg (278 lb)

142kg (313 lb)

157kg (346 lb)

168kg (370 lb)

*1 Sublimation ink is not compatible with the CJV150-75 model.
*2 Optional Mimaki bulk ink system 3 (MBIS3) is required for using 2L Ink pack.
Ink set



C M Y K Lc Lm Lk Or

C M Y K Lc Lm W

C M Y K Lc Lm W Si





C M Y K Lc Lm


Bl M Y K/Dk

Bl M Y K/Dk Lbl Lm


Bl M Y K

Bl M Y K Lbl Lm

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