Sale! New original Seiko 1024HG-L 28PL printhead View larger
New original Seiko 1024HG-L 28PL printhead


This seiko 1024HG-L 28PL printhead allow you to print two colors simultaneously with one printhead. You will need half the number of printheads and you will raise your productivity.

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Drop volume: 28 pl @ 1 drop binary, 6m/s
Native nozzle resolution: 180 npi (2 colors) - 360 npi (1 color)
Usable ink types: oil-, uv-, sovlent-based
Possible print directions: vertical and horizontal
Number of grey levels: 8
Jetting frequency: up to 28 khz
Active nozzles: 1024 at 4 rows
Ink inlets: 2
Print width: 72.17 mm
Printhead weight: less than 570 g
Dimensions: 137.0 x 38.0 x 115.7 mm
Driving interface: parallel interface, i2c-compatible serial communication

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